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Project Lifesaver International, Xanboo to offer medical facilities to help people with cognitive disorder

April 05, 2016

This added protection from Xanboo, combined with Project Lifesaver's superior training and search and rescue program, will help bring loved ones home quicker, easier, and safer than ever before.

"This added security will allow public safety agencies to KNOW quicker than ever before when someone at risk has wandered. Combined with Project Lifesaver's outstanding search and rescue program, this service will offer a total security solution to those with cognitive conditions who wander.  We are happy to be partnering with Project Lifesaver to help those most at risk."  - Bill Diamond, CEO of Xanboo.

A basic security kit from Xanboo includes a wireless camera, one system controller, and a door/window sensor. Additionally, security cameras, sensors, and controllers can be purchased separately. The basic starter kit can be purchased from Project Lifesaver for $294, and the system can be manually set up or installed by an installation company, depending on the caregiver's choice.  Installation for this service requires computer access, Internet and a router. The monthly fee for the Xanboo security system, which offers access to an online website where caregivers can view their camera activities and set up alerts, is $7.95/month. 

SOURCE Project Lifesaver International