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New technologies have potential to help elderly people live independently

April 20, 2016

For many old people, their quality of life is also affected by poor health. Currently there are 800,000 people with dementia in the UK: the most common being Alzheimer's disease. Behind these facts and figures are individuals and families learning to live with the condition and get on with their lives. Stereotypes about people are however often negative and disabling. In the spirit of one person with dementia who says "Positivity is my greatest weapon", the event promotes a more balanced and positive perspective on dementia. At 'Dementia: don't fear it' two people with dementia who are active campaigners will speak about their experiences and views. Images and interviews from an ongoing research project on how and why some people with dementia become campaigners or change agents will stimulate a debate with a Q & A session.

The media play a major role in shaping people's attitudes. The way old people are portrayed in the media influence the way we think about them. But what do we actually think about ageism? The European Social Survey (ESS) database collects and stores information on the social attitudes of thousands of residents across Europe. The 'What do the British think about?? Ageism, Welfare and Political Institutions' is an event aimed at journalists. The event will demonstrate the range of data freely accessible through the ESS database and explain how to access and use it. Data on individual states as well as comparative data can be quickly and easily gathered. By better understanding social science data, it is hoped that stereotypes will be challenged.