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MorphoSys, Xencor sign worldwide exclusive license, collaboration agreement for XmAb5574 antibody program

November 09, 2015

"Our interest in XmAb5574 is based on a comprehensive survey of antibodies in late preclinical or early clinical development in the areas of cancer and inflammation," commented Dr. Arndt Schottelius, Chief Development Officer of MorphoSys AG. "B-cell depletion is a well-validated strategy to treat lymphomas and CLL, exemplified by the success of Rituxan?. We are convinced by the sound scientific data Xencor has built around its anti-CD19 cancer program and we believe it to be a valuable addition to our proprietary pipeline. By further developing the Xencor program, we will broaden our drug portfolio and also realize synergies with our cancer program MOR202, since both drugs target hematological malignancies."

"As we look ahead to the potential of XmAb5574 to treat B-cell cancers, a development collaboration with a leading global antibody company like MorphoSys is an important step forward for us by allowing us to bring significant additional resources to the program," said Dr. Bassil Dahiyat, Chief Executive Officer of Xencor. "Progressing the development of XmAb5574 through this collaboration further underscores the success of our XmAb platform technology in creating a pipeline of innovative and potent next-generation antibody product candidates. We are excited by the progress of both our internal and partnered programs."

SOURCE MorphoSys and Xencor