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MILV subsidiary acquires formula to restore proper kidney function

March 02, 2016

Robert deZanger, CEO of Natures Bioceuticals reiterates "We are confident that this product will make a meaningful contribution to one of the most overlooked diseases known to man. There are over 26 million Americans with CKD. The problem is most people with CKD aren't even aware they have the disease. Studies show that 4 out of 5 people with advanced CKD (i.e. loss of over 50% of kidney function) do not know they have the disease. Unless tested, diagnosed and dialysis or a transplant is available, many of these people only become unwell after severe kidney failure, when death is imminent. People who have taken our formula have shown substantial increases in kidney function in very short time frames. One positive side effect that has been noted is that the product seems to also shrink enlarged prostrate glands. This could be a second market for the product.  We now intend to initiate the filing of the patent(s) and also make arrangements to begin clinical trials to document the amazing results obtained to this point. The revenues this product could produce for the company should be substantial. Capturing a very small percentage of the market could produce tens of millions of dollars for the company."

SOURCE Mistral Ventures Inc.